Techsamaj – Young – Entrepreneur – Award

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About The AWARD

Techsamaj Young Entrepreneur Award is a title award given to a Young Entrepreneur under the age of 25 who is working in any field and doing entrepreneurial activities and making IMPACT in the society.

Techsamaj Young Entrepreneur Awardee will be accessed with different resources through Techsamaj Web Pvt. Ltd. If you win this award, you can get FREE Legal Advice, Connection to Corporate Houses, Access To All Techsamaj Inner-Member Incubation, Different pieces of training like Leadership, Marketing, HRM, etc.



Collection Of Application


First Round - Selection

Based On Your Application, Our Review Team will select the best works.


Second Round - Selection

Selected Applicants will be asked for the proofs of their works. These proofs will be then sent to the Board Of Jury.

Third Round - Selection

Board Of Jury will then select 3 Applicants For TYEA based on the proofs .


  • Access To All Inner-Member Techsamaj Incubation.
  • FREE Training on Marketing, Leadership, HRM, Customer Relations, etc.
  • Connection To Corporate Houses.
  • Press Coverage.
  • Boosted Exposure Over The Globe.
  • Article of Your Venture on Internationally Sold Book.

International YET Conference 2020


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What Are The Criteria For Applying?
  • Must Be Under The Age Of 25. (By 1st January 2021)
  • Must Be A Citizen Of Nepal. 
  • Must have opened any venture with some kind of sales activities performed.
  • Must have made IMPACT in the society.
Why Should I Apply For This?

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Will My Travel and Accommodation Cost Be Covered?

Yes. If you are selected among the Top 3  Techsamaj Young Entrepreneurs Finalists, your travel and accommodation cost(If Necessary) will be covered.

Where Will I Be Awarded?

You will be awarded the award at the Award Gala Dinner at International YET Conference 2020.

What is the process of selection?

Please browse through our Selection Process to learn more about How We Select The Best Out Of Best Entrepreneur.


You can get the Techsamaj Young Entrepreneur Award if you have opened any venture and if you are under the age of 25. Apply Now. Sit Back. Check Email.